Sunless Tanning

At Skin Concepts, we are thrilled to be working with Infinity Sun, the world’s only multi-treatment sunless tanning system for the ultimate tanning experience! This cutting edge technology atomizes various treatment lotions into very fine mists, delivering highly customized, high-quality skincare and sunless tanning elixirs for the ultimate tanning experience.

It’s fast, consistent and stunning results have made it the preferred tanning choice of many top celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Brittany Spears, David Beckham and many more. Infinity Sun Anti-aging tanning is an all natural sunless tanner with a unique blend of antioxidants and pure botanicals that leave your skin radiant with a natural-looking golden brown glow. You will be sprayed and dry in 15-30 minutes and experience an immediate tan that will continue to develop over the next 5-12 hours.

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Applying spray tan
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Shower, Shave & Exfoliate with Infinity Sun Exfoliant. Abrasive scrubs will create abrasions on the skin that will interfere with the evenness of the application.
  • Arrive free of make-up, oil and free of moisturizer
  • Avoid getting spray tanned within four days of body waxing.
  • Do not wear wool, nylon and silk during or after the spray tanning session and for at least eight hours as the DHA in the spray tanning solution may stain these fabrics.
  • Bring a bathing suit or lingerie to tan. It is up to you, the policy of the salon is bottoms are required & top is optional
  • Do not wear lotion or deodorant
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and open-toed sandals.

The solution contains no alcohol, oils, perfumes or potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives. You can expect your tan to last 5-10 days depending on your preparation and home care regime. Are you ready to glow like a star?

Choose from one of our amazing treatment combinations and watch your skin be transformed!

California Dreaming

Bronzing Treatment only


Beach Chic

Our most popular tan! Hydrating Normalize Elixir & Bronzing Elixir


Bronzing Elixir

Achieve a gorgeous, golden tan with a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts, our bronzing solution delivers immediate results. Tan fully develops in 12 hours.

* The bronzer will wash off during the first shower.

Hydrating Normalize Elixir

Luxuriate in this fine blend of exotic aloes, which hydrate the skin by targeting porous areas of the body. This product is applied prior to your airbrush tan. It balances your body’s pH levels and enables the sunless tanning solution to penetrate evenly into the skin, resulting in longer-lasting, more even tanning results.

For the optimal sunless tanning experience, make sure you follow Infinity Sun’s recommendations for preparation and aftercare. This will ensure you obtain the best results possible from your Infinity Sun experience.

Tanned, toned and stylish
After Care
  • Wait until the following day to shower or sweat
  • Do not swim, as this will remove the sunless tanner
  • Use Infinity Sun Extend or Extend with shimmer to keep skin hydrated and make the tan last longer.
  • Use Infinity Sun Glow on the Go to touch up hands, face and feet between Infinity Sun sessions.
  • The process results in a golden tan that will last between 5-10 days