Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique where, through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin using hair-like strokes, creates the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. These hair-strokes flow in the same direction as your own hairs to create the most natural-looking eyebrows. The ever-popular brow fix is your one-way ticket to thicker, fuller looking arches

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Meet Carma

It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion collide. As a fourteen-year veteran Skin Therapist and longtime portrait artist, Carma has married her two passions with cosmetic tattooing.

Biotouch certified and insured, Carma offers the best in care and attention to detail in the application of semi-permanent cosmetic solutions.

Come and let Carma give you the brows you wish you had been born with!

*Consultation and follow up visit are included in the initial cost of your first treatment.

Microblading Pricing
Eyebrows Microblading $499
Ombre Brows $549
Lip Liner brushed-in $499
Lips Full $599
Mole $59

Prices are for initial treatment and not including touchups.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful woman with thick brows in beauty salon.
1st Touchup $135
Annual Refresher $300

All services are plus GST.
Your first touch-up must be done between 2-6 months for $135 plus GST. After that, annual refreshers are required at $300 each.
Refreshers are recommended every 1-2 years to maintain shape, colour and detail.
After 2 years, a new service will be required at full price.

Pricing is subject to change at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it last?

Microblading is designed to last 1-3 years. Over time, the pigment deposit will break down and fade to a soft powdered appearance. Yearly touch ups are recommended to maintain your results.

Does Cosmetic tattooing hurt?

There will be a topical anesthetic applied prior to treatment and the anesthetic will be reapplied during your treatment to help minimize any discomfort. It is advised to avoid booking your treatment during one’s menstrual cycle as this may cause increased sensitivity.

How long does it take?

We book appointments for approximately 2.5 hours. This is to ensure that we take the time to decide what shape, custom colour, blend and style will best suit you and it allows for adequate numbing time to provide you with the most comfortable treatment possible.

Touch up appointments are booked for 1.5 hours.

Can I have an MRI with cosmetic tattoos?

Yes, however, it is advised to inform your MRI Technician if you have any tattooing.